Should I be doing WEIGHTS or CARDIO?

A question I get asked quite often from females is should I be lifting weights or doing cardio?

The answer is it all depends on your goals & what you would like to achieve from exercise.

My short answer is BOTH there are so many benefits to both styles of training that I believe incorporating weights training & cardio training into your lifestyle is the best option.

Benefits of weights training

  • Better METABOLISM – the more lean muscle you have in your body the more calories are burnt in your day to day life which will result in reduced body fat
  • FAT LOSS – you won’t burn as many calories in a 1 hour weights session as you would in a 1 hour cardio session however weight training heightens your metabolism for 24-48hours afterwards which really adds up!
  • You will get STRONGER – you are less likely to become injured and you’ll have less aches, pains & niggles throughout your body
  • Increase TONE – your muscles will grow which can change your body shape & develop an athletic toned look
  • Increased BONE DENSITY –  you are less likely to develop osteoporosis later in life
  • Better POSTURE – doing the correct exercises & technique will improve your posture
  • CONFIDENCE – being strong with good posture automatically improves your confidence

Plus MANY more!

Benefits of Cardio

  • HEART HEALTH – cardio has an amazing effect on the health of many of your organs including your heart. Your heart is a muscle and needs to be worked out to strengthen.
  • WEIGHT LOSS by increasing your energy expenditure (doing cardio) you can create a calorie deficit resulting in weight loss
  • STRESS RELIEF – endorphins start pumping through your body as soon as you start cardio making you feel happy!
  • Improved FITNESS you’ll be able to walk, run, swim, bike further than you used to which is an amazing feeling
  • Better SLEEP – a good night’s sleep is always easy after a cardio session that day
  • Improved RECOVERY – the more cardio you perform the faster your recovery will become meaning you can train again sooner

There are many benefits to both that’s why at Shine Fitness we offer a range of training styles including weights, fitness, HIIT & boxing. Incorporating many training styles in your lifestyle is a really effective way to see results & feel amazing.

Happy Training!