Measuring Your Progress Without Scales

I am always letting my clients know of the importance of other forms of measuring your progress other than relieving on the scales. It can be so disheartening to have been training hard and eating well and for the number to have stayed still or moved in the direction you weren’t hoping for. Scales tell us your mass in general not the make-up of your body in terms of body fat & lean muscle. When training often the goal of many women is to increase their lean muscle and decrease their body fat this might have been the case but there is no way to tell by the number on the scales. Scales can also be heavily influenced by factors like the time of day, how much water we have consumed & that time of the month.

Try these methods instead

Progress photos – take a photograph of yourself in swimwear/underwear before starting any fitness journey. You might not be excited to take this initial photo however you’ll be glad you did when you are able to compare with a photo after consistently exercising and eating well. I recommend taking a photograph every 4 weeks.

Record Results – I love getting my clients to focus on their performance rather than the way they want to look. Some great starting fitness tests you can do at home are maximum push-up test (see how many you can do without stopping) maximum squats you can complete in 2mins & a 1km run. All of these tests are easy to do at home with no equipment except a stopwatch and something to write down your results. You can then retest in 4 weeks. It’s a great feeling knowing your fitness has improved & will motivate you to keep training.

How you feel – focus on how you feel after living a healthy active lifestyle. Exercise should give you more energy, better sleep, improved mood and make you feel amazing. This should be motivation enough to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Measurements & skinfolds – If you have access to a trainer than these methods to determine your exact changes in body composition can be used. After completing measurements and skinfolds your trainer can tell you exactly what changes have occurred in regards to lean muscle and body fat.

Remember exercise to be healthy and happy and the results will happen.

Consistency is key.