How to Stay Motivated in Winter

With the cooler months fast approaching it’s no secret that a lot of people find it harder to exercise and eat well during Winter. Here are some of our top tips for staying motivated in Winter.

1. Anytime of the year the most important factor to keep you on track is to know your WHY. Why do you want to exercise? Why do you want to eat well? Why is your goal so important to you? Your WHY needs to be strong enough to make you follow through and commit. Dig deep and find out the real reason.

2. Prioritise discipline over motivation. You are not going to be 100% motivated every day to exercise but you can be disciplined to. Set a plan whether it’s every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6am. Get in the habit of being in routine and discipline yourself to stick to it.

3. Find something you enjoy! Exercise can and should be fun and an enjoyable experience. If you hate it then try something new, a sport, a group, a gym or get a workout buddy. You are so much more likely to succeed if you enjoy the process.

4. Get prepared. Make it as easy for yourself as possible, lay your clothes out the night before, have your food prepped and ready to go. The little things can make it so much easier.

5. Embrace the change in season. It may be colder and darker but that also means you get to see some pretty special sunrises and sunsets.