3 Super Simple Life Hacks

Water Intake – You should be consuming AT LEAST 2 litres of water per day. If you are active then aim for even more. Up to 60% of an adults body is made up of water and ensuring you are consuming enough of the good stuff is crucial! Drinking lots of water can help with weight loss, headaches, healthy appearance of skin, constipation, energy levels, etc. Get yourself a 1L bottle, that way your intake is easy to track throughout the day!
Ditch & Switch – Being able to identify weaknesses in your diet is easy to do and most of us are well educated enough to know exactly where our faults lie! Identify ONE weakness and ditch it today. It may be that you enjoy an after-dinner ice cream? Maybe you snack on sugary biscuits? Maybe you love white bread? Replace that ‘thing’ with a healthier alternative, a bowl of fresh fruit, a handful of nuts or try a bread alternative. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love either! Save them for a weekly treat instead! And if you find yourself unsure about where to start with your diet, then you can always enlist the help of a dietician.
Get Moving – The title says it all really and this is especially important for those of us who have sedentary jobs! It doesn’t have to be strenuous or time consuming. A simple 30 minute walk daily will work wonders for your health and well-being. Set your alarm a little earlier, find time in your lunch break or take the kids for a walk to the park. If you are a little more serious about this topic then have a look for a personal trainer or gym that suits your goals.
There you have it – 3 super simple things you can implement TODAY to make positive impacts to your health & well-being. We guarantee you will see results!