Welcome to Shine Fitness

We specialise in female only outdoor group training in beautiful locations at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast.

Take a look over our site and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

About Us

At Shine Fitness our goal is to empower females to be the fittest, strongest and healthiest version of themselves through exercise and healthy eating. Our philosophy is that living a balanced lifestyle is key.

We offer a weekly training timetable that caters to busy women who are looking for an effective, challenging and fun training environment.

Shine Fitness is made up of a community of likeminded females who encourage, motivate and support each other to amazing achievements.

  • 11 sessions to choose from each week including weights, boxing, HIIT and fitness
  • Sessions designed specifically with females needs and goals in mind
  • 2 highly qualified personal trainers who get to know YOU and what you need to achieve your best
  • Enjoy training in the great outdoors
  • Fun, motivating group environment
  • Mum and bub friendly sessions available
  • Support, accountability, education and motivation provided

Female Only Group Training

Shine Fitness can help with

Weight Loss

Muscle Tone

Strength & Fitness

Postural Correction

Stress Relief

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

& Teaching you how to ENJOY Exercise

At Shine Fitness there are no clicky groups, no snobby trainers, and no glaring eyes of other gym goers – just an awesome bunch of females getting fit outdoors!

Our Trainers

Larissa Fisher

Hi, I’m Larissa founder and personal trainer at Shine Fitness.
A little about me… I love my job! I am so passionate about seeing women get active, achieve results and enjoy the process. I have been in the health and fitness industry for the past 9 years as a personal trainer and in management roles. I love being able to make a positive impact on women’s lives. Throughout my time in the industry I have seen some incredible transformations not only physically but mentally as well. I am a huge advocate for the power of exercise and healthy living. Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life and a strong part of who I am. My personal favourite fitness achievements have been triathlons, half marathons & trekking to Everest Base Camp. I have experienced a lot in my fitness journey including starting as a beginner, safe effective exercise through my pregnancy, and postpartum fitness. My knowledge, experience in the industry and personal experience has all lead to my training style evolving to be able to help women throughout all the different stages of their life.
I am so passionate about what we have created at Shine Fitness & I’d love you to be a part of it too!

Stephanie O’Brien

Hi! My name is Steph & welcome to Shine Fitness!
A little about me… I seriously LOVE being a part of Shine Fitness. What we have created at Shine is something special. We train in beautiful locations with awesome women, we have a lot of fun and we see results! You will often see me jumping in on Larissa’s sessions with the other girls! My personal health and fitness journey began with founder Larissa in 2009 and we have been the best of friends ever since. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and enjoy all aspects of health and fitness. I also have a full time job away from Shine Fitness so I understand the everyday pressures put on working woman. I have always been involved in sport and gym life and recently competed at the INBA in the figure division, something that I am incredibly proud of – it was super tough! My philosophy as a trainer is simple – HAVE A GO and GET IT DONE! You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great!


Larissa and Steph are the dream team!! After donating my money to a local gym for years and barely committing I am more than happy to support a local business that actually supports me! Training everyday is something I look forward to instead of it being a chore. The training is suited to anyone at any level yet they have a sneaky way of making you want to be better than yesterday. The Shine trainers have pushed me beyond what I though I was capable resulting in a triathlon and half marathon! I absolutely love being a part of this community and I can’t recommend Shine Fitness enough.

Christina Davidson

Larissa and Steph are absolutely fantastic personal trainers, who genuinely care about encouraging and assisting you to achieve your fitness and/or life goals. I love having a laugh with the Shine Girls, who’s positive attitude always leave me ready to take on a new day. Exercise has never been this fun 🙂

Chantelle de Lastic

Larissa is a fantastic personal trainer. Listens to your goals, challenges you to the next level and encourages you along the way. She knows a lot about the fitness industry and is motivated to see people shine in fitness and overall wellbeing. I have been training with her for two years now and have seen awesome results. It’s not to late to give it go. I love it how every training session is different

Melanie Menzel

Larissa has been providing me with top notch training and nutrition advice for years. She was my PT when I lived on the Sunshine Coast and when I moved away, she was the only person I wanted to train with, so she kindly continued my program for me online. Larissa has adjusted my training and nutrition program to help me overcome a number of obstacles (injuries, food intolerance, health problems) and is a constant encouragement to me on my path to my health and fitness goals. If you’re looking for a trainer to make things fun, to encourage you every step of the way, and to help you achieve the lifestyle you want, you’ve come to the right place!

Laura Wyvill

I’ve been training consistently with Larissa for the last 2years and to date I have lost 13kgs. I can honestly say I am the happiest, healthiest& fittest I’ve ever been in my life. Before training with Larissa I never would have believed I was able to lose this weight. I went so long having that extra 10kgs, it just became a part of me and I gave up on what I thought I could ever look like. I didn’t think that my fat could ever leave my body. I just thought, this is me but thanks to the help of Larissa the old me is gone, and a new healthier, happier, stronger me is here to stay. I would highly recommend Larissa to every woman at any fitness level. Larissa’s sessions are always aimed so you get the most out of it, no matter what your fitness level. Do yourself a favour and train with Shine Fitness.

Katrina Hoiberg

I would recommend Shine Fitness to anyone wanting a guide on their fitness lifestyle (change), Larissa is knowledgeable and supportive about nutrition and exercise. The group sessions are always interesting and filled with like minded ladies. Larissa helped me achieve a ‘bucket list’ goal of completing a triathlon, which with the support and experience she provided, it turned out to be easier than I first thought!

Megan Leech

Larissa has made the biggest difference to my life! She has helped me achieve things like completing my first triathlon which I never would have done without her! Anyone looking to change or enhance their health and fitness, call Shine Fitness Sunshine Coast!!

Teaicia Adams